Described by Complex Magazine as Trap's Newest Star, Shah's success has been driven by his ability to create club hits without compromising lyricism. His latest single, Just Text, immediately flourished at influential Atlanta institutions such as Magic City. Just Text has since become the first song by a Canadian artist to win Hot 107.9FM’s influential Battlegrounds, and is now charting on radio in Atlanta and neighbouring Southern markets. The song’s lyrics forgo the trap clichés found in other strip club anthems and guides the listener through the journey that brought Shah from his hometown of Toronto to Atlanta. Since his arrival, Shah has been embraced by some of Atlanta's most powerful gatekeepers, from renowned radio personality Greg Street to Cash Money's official DJ Swamp Izzo, known for having previously launched the careers of artists such as Gucci Mane, Future, and Young Thug. This support has allowed Shah to flourish despite rejecting major label deals, as he looks to become rap's first truly independent international superstar.


"Having an artist like Shah, who has quietly arrived at the doorstep of hip-hop stardom in spite of the obstacles he has faced, is genuinely remarkable. If nothing else, it’s enjoyable to still have artists you can root for both personally, and artistically." - Complex Magazine, From Trapped In America To Trap’s Newest Star: An Inside Look At How Shah Made It In Atlanta
"An alluring buzz has followed Toronto’s Shah since his May 2016 debut single Rookie Card, which was embraced both by tastemakers scouting the next wave of hitmakers and also hip hop traditionalists longing for the lyrical depth embedded in his music." - Emerging Indie, Top 10 Rising Stars of 2017
"Shah and his latest single Pay Day 71 have been embraced by the Atlanta DJs and tastemakers who helped launch the careers of artists like Future, Migos and Rae Sremmurd... (and) flourished in New York, where the song led to rap blogs describing Shah as New York’s favorite Toronto rapper." - MySpace, Hip-Hop's 8 Best Kept Secrets of 2016
"If you are talking straight lyricists – artists who can paint pictures in your mind with the use of clever wordplay, it doesn’t get much better than Shah." - Jamsphere, Ready To Snatch The Crown
"'Day of Shah' music video series increases in popularity with each installment, garnering more fans for the already acclaimed artist. Shah has consistently been ranked one of Toronto's best new artists, and was recently called one of the World’s Top 10 Desi Rappers." - AXS Exclusive
"Incredibly, Shah is still at the beginning of his career and already has his name competing with established superstars." DESIblitz